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Tournyare Patisserie
Queen E. The Beaches

    This little patisserie in the Beaches is exactly like being cocooned inside a very large kiwi fruit. The entire interior is painted a surprisingly cheerful lime green, which contrasts nicely with the bright orange of the owners' hair.

    Jack and Jill chose to sit in the window seat, a hand made bench stuffed with cushions. Ah, the soft luxury of cotton on your ass. Transparent tables opened up this tiny space and made for an airy feel, what with the sunshine streaming through the windows and the sweet smell of chocolate.

Tournayre is a charming little place to while away a spring afternoon.

Jill Take On The Cake

    MANON, Good God! This was a fabulously unbelievable confection. Chocolate cakey moussey-ness wrapped in a flaky layer of chocolate which we believe was created on site. The top of our piece was decorated with an equally lovely curl of white chocolate.

    Each small slice in the display case bears the name of an enchanting french woman. We chose this piece after careful deliberation and much bickering, every slice in the display case singing "peeck my yumminess, mademoiselle et monsieur, sil vous plait!" The only complaint that Jill had was, why in ze hell are we given plastic forks to eat our cake with? The plates are ceramic, so we know that there is some dish washing going on.

    It's very difficult to get every sweet morsel from the grooves in a plastic fork. And hard to grasp the crumbly bits with the cheap white forks. Silverware would do this slice justice. Hell, you could serve this baby up on the company china.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

    I am Jacks recollection. I spied with my little eye, tall thermos bottles full of coffee. There where 4 to choose from. Two straight bean coffees and two of the flavoured variety. We went for the straight brews, as always, looking for perfection through pure bean.

    Even though thermos coffee is not Jack's first choice, in this case it was actually pretty good. Probably because the coffee had been made recently, and didn't have the chance to take on that aged flavour ever so prevalent in thermos fair.

Thumbs up, with the freshness.

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Your average brew. It taste fine, but a disappointment compared to the fabulous deserts.