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Ritter's Coffee House
Queen E. The Beaches

    This small café in the Beaches is the epitome of the community hub. Charming brick and plaster interior houses artwork by local artists, photographs depicting the annual Beaches Jazz Festival, and various other artifacts to remind patrons that, yes, in case you forgot, you are indeed in the Beaches.

    The seating is broken up into little tables and hard chairs, though there are a pair of overstuffed armchairs with a battered table between them. Ritter's has a small front patio which is usually full in the summer months.

    They boast a fair sized lunch menu and their own brand of beans are available for purchase and consumption. Their dessert selection is sorely lacking, but they have soup, sandwiches and a few light snacks like tarts and squares.

    Though Ritter's is a comfy enough place, we couldn't help but feel a bit like tourists, since we don't live in the Beaches. But don't let that stop you from enjoying a thoroughly good cup of joe.

Jill Take On The Cake

    Buttery Yum. Yummy Butter. Yum Yum Butter. Bummery Yut. Yummy Butt. Yuttery Bum. Bah Dum Bump.

    What else can I say? It's a butter tart. You've had them before, you know what to expect. Buttery goodness.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

    I am Jacks recollection. I spied with my little eye, tall thermos bottles full of coffee. There where 4 to choose from. Two straight bean coffees and two of the flavoured variety. We went for the straight brews, as always, looking for perfection through pure bean.

    Even though thermos coffee is not Jack's first choice, in this case it was actually pretty good. Probably because the coffee had been made recently, and didn't have the chance to take on that aged flavour ever so prevalent in thermos fair.

Thumbs up, with the freshness.

Coffee Selection:

Columbian Supremo: Very tasty. Has all the qualities one looks for in a fresh brewed Columbian bean. Rich,Smooth,Balanced brew.

Continental Dark: This be dark alright. Still, it's well balanced and if you're in the mood for some strong flavours, this one will do fine. Also good.