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Sedona Jane's
1801 Gerrard East

    Jack and Jill happened across this café whilst questing for another café, and when we spied the sign which read ‘Al Capuccinno' we felt it our duty to return to this tiny corner café and investigate it for the sake of you, our most esteemed readers. So we bundled into the car and headed east on Gerrard street, til we came to the aforementioned ‘Al Capuccinno'.

    From the name of the establishment we surmised that ‘Al's' would serve capuccinnoes. We were wrong. Al Capuccinno is no longer Al Capuccinno's. It is now Sedona Jane's, a more Tex, less Mex kind of restaurant which features mesquite grilled food. They also have a teeny dessert menu (read muffins). Boasting a small complement of tables and large cheery windows, Sedona Jane's will undoubtedly be a tiny and charming local eatery.

    We were disappointed that it was not the café we expected it to be, nonetheless, we stayed for the coffee and the delicious aroma of Arizona desert grilled foods.

Jill's Got Muffin

Blue Berry Muffin

    Well, well, well. We here at the Coffee Club have sampled a vast array of desserts, but rest assured, we have never tasted anything quite like this. The owner claimed to have made these muffins fresh that morning, but they still possessed a highly unusual flavor. She told us that there was nothing in the muffins save skads of berries, but we detected an odd hint of something beneath the usual muffiness. Was it ginger? Was it lime? Was it just the absorption of mesquite from all the grilled foods? We don't know. Not bad, just not quite what you would expect from a blueberry muffin.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Sedona Blend: It's a serve your own coffee thermos kinda place, but the coffee is alright. It's nothing special, but hits the spot if you need coffee.