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Cafe Demetre

    You can find Café Demetre in the heart of Greek Town. A very touristy area, but great for good food and coffee. Here you will find not just coffee and cake, but home made ice cream in ten or more different flavours.

    Café Demetre's colourful exterior is just the beginning of what you can expect here. Inside the colours continue in the counter and display case. The seating on the other hand is a contrast, done in black and marble grey. Although comfortable, Jack is not partial to vinyl under his hiney, but I can understand that cleaning ice cream off of cloth furniture can be a pain.

    Jack must confess, he has been here before, and Jack was disappointed that this time around the menu's had changed. Instead of a three fold menu packed with ice cream options, they now offer a two fold GIANT menu with less choice. Jack was a bit upset that some of the more intriguing ice cream creations where missing.

    Even though the menu had change, Jack was not discourage, and I managed to find me a delicious sundae that was to big for one person. I did my best to finish it.


    I'm Jack's indecisiveness. I browsed the giant menu and everywhere I looked, I saw ice-cream. In a glass, in a bowl, on a waffle, in a crape, all covered in fabulous amounts of chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

    Jack was in the mood for some caramel. I was tempted momentarily by the Caremellot, but I knew better, that to much of a good thing is just plain bad. I learned that the hard way after I placed my ordered and the waiter brought me my plate.

    Oh yes! I am Jack's wide eyed wonder. You read correctly, they brought me a plate. Three big scoops of caramel ice cream, smothered in caramel and chocolate cause, sprinkled with praline pecans, and garnished with two whipped cream roses. I knew I was in trouble.

    Jill laughed at me as I spooned my first bite. She could see my trepidation from a mile away. Jack wasn't gonna win this war, Jack was gonna be a casualty. Jill didn't mind, there was plenty of choco-caramel goo for her eating pleasure.

    Fabulous homemade caramel ice cream. Just about the best I've ever tasted anywhere. This ice cream is worth every penny they ask for it. If you're not into caramel, the selection is pretty big and all of it very tasty.

    Need a place to cool off? Need somewhere to eat a mountain of sugar and cream? Look no further. Give Café Demetre a try, I doubt you will be disappointed. They also do cake if u don't want to tackle the ice cream, but then again, there is enough to share.

What About The Coffee Jill?

    I know, I know, their shtick is their fabbo homemade ice cream, so I shouldn't complain about the coffee. And they do sport a variety of iced coffee deals, with mountains of whipped cream and syrups and sauces. But as for a joe shmoe cup of java, this just didn't cut it.

    Certainly a rung up the ladder from gas station and diner coffee, but nowhere near what you would expect from a joint that has café in the title of their digs.

    It was terribly bitter, though Jack claims that's just an effect from the way too large amounts of sweet ice cream we ate before sampling the coffee. A dreadful aftertaste, sour and metallic.

    I needed three packets of sugar to make the stuff palatable, and I still couldn't empty the mug. So go for the dessert coffees or better yet, just eat the yummy desserts and avoid the coffee altogether. You don't want to spoil the ice cream experience with a gross cup of joe.