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Espresso Bar & Cafe

    Another cafe in greek town, on the trendy Danforth, here in Toronto. If you have the time, you could spend all day going from cafe to cafe.

    I am Jack's comfortable eyes. Lattieri is a concervative, low key type of place, with an awning covered patio area out front. Inside it's tile floors wooden chairs, and padded benches in the back. The lighting is subdued even on a sunny day, but it's
a nice potentially intimate atmosphere.

    The menu here isn't just coffee and desserts. You can stop in for a bite to eat as well. From salads to full meals, there is probably something for everyone. We at Coffee Club though, prefer our meals aromatic and creamy, so we checked out the showcase for some yummmy looking desserts.

    I am Jack's rule breaking ass. You might remember that the first rule of cake is...only whole cakes will do. Yes...we broke that rule. We opted to pass on the cherry and blueberry cheese cake, instead we focused our attention on the Chocolate Mouse cake, which maybe have been a mistake.

Jill's Take On The Cake

    This little number was sadly disappointing, and strangely devoid of flavor. The thick lacy icing was sweet and yum, but the mousse was nearly tasteless.

    An inexplicable layer of plain vanilla cake lay squished between two layers of chocolate mousse. The entire affair lasted about one minute and a half.

    Afterwards, we felt vaguely dissatisfied, much like the way you do after you have had sex without an orgasm.

Nice, but not really worth the effort. Not recommended.

What About The Coffee Jack?

    I am Jack's memories. I've had coffee here before and at that time I was very surprised how good and delicious it really was. It's strength was perfect, its body was full. This was the way coffee should be.

    I am Jack's anticipation. I was looking forward to this cup of coffee, my recollections made my mouth water. I was in the mood for some dark and yummy java. This was the place to be, we ordered and where served.

    I am Jack's disappointment. Hmm..yah maybe I was over dramatizing the last time I had coffee here. This time it just was not as good. It had a sour taste and left Jill with gut rot. How's that possible you ask? Good question. Most likely the bar boy made it too strong and most likely the bar boy made it quite a bit before we arrived.

    I am Jack's reconciliation. Should I bad mouth this coffee? Cause it sure bad mouthed me, with its foul aftertaste. In the past, Lattieri has been very good to me, so I'm having a dilema. Jack advises you visit Lattieri and try it for yourself. They have plenty of other coffee concoctions for you to try, and with luck it'll taste fab.