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Mixed Delights
2180 Queen East

    Welcome to Coffee Heaven. This is the quintessential café, jazz on the stereo, bins of beans available for purchase, window seats, snooty magazines to read, and no less than six pots of delicious coffee being brewed fresh at any one time.

    The interior though is cramped and rather void of proper seating. You get a bench like table across the front window and half down the side wall. The seats are tall stools with nary a cushion to be find. Of course, it's the coffee bins with their rich shiny beans that steal the space in this store. Most important of all though, leaving seating aside, is that this place does serve real coffee and they display it out in the open, as a taunt to all those other café's that just don't cut it.

     The heady aroma of Mixed Delights can be inhaled over half a block away, and it is the most wonderful smell on earth. We were enchanted by this tiny café at the end of the Beaches, with it's charming bench out front and it's tres appropriate jazzy music. We dipped ourselves in the bean bins and rubbed the bitter coffee oils all over our sweaty skin. Wait, no, that was Jill's vision of coffee Nirvana, sorry folks. But rest assured that Mixed Delights is a fabulous little café that serves a mean cup of joe.

Jill's Sweet Tooth


    Well, at least they get the coffee right. Mixed Delights is lacking a little in the dessert department, we guess because the establishment is so tiny that they don't want to encourage lingering. They carry brownies, muffins, squares, cookies, etc, but a pitifully small assortment.

    The brownie was chokingly dry, and not at all dense and delicious like a brownie ought to be. Ask Jill, she specializes in a brownie that will give you a chocolate rush for seven hours straight.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Moca Java: Jill is a huge fan of the mocha java, and this one was delish! It was yummy, robust, and only very slightly dirty. Eminently drinkable and highly recommended.

House Blend: Seems to be a columbian blend me thinks. Very drinkable and rather tasty as well.