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Café 521

    I am Jack's plagerizing ass. Jill says.."Uber cool. An optic feast. Clean lines and pale colored circles painted on the walls. Severely high backed seat along one wall. Shiny pain in the ass to clean mirror fronted counter. Sparing, minimalistic decor, reminiscent of a spread in Wallpaper or Nest."

    I am Jack's originality. Out back one finds an outdoor patio with the right mix of sun and shade. That and relativly comfortable plastic/vinyl seating make for an enjoyable stay. Though a touch on the cool side atmosphere wise.

    The menu on the wall lists plenty of coffee option. They do one of everything and also throw in items like Greek coffee, which isn't all that common place. You want it cappacino'd? You want it espresso'd? You can get it here, from shiney copper coffee making machines.

    I am Jack's candid photo. The staff is quite friendly. Greeting us when we walked in and letting us look around before any more hassles. They brewed a fresh pot for us, brought coffee to the table and even offered to take a photo of us with our camera.

Can you beat that? Don't think so.

Jill Eats A Biscuit


    What can one say, really? Dry. Mushy when dunked in coffee. Chocolatey coated. It's a biscotti.

    We were already full from coffee at another joint across the street. Get off our backs already.

What About The Coffee Jack?

    Mmmmmmm. Coffee.

   Tasted like coffee. Some Colombian beans for sure. Pretty good, but then again it WAS fresh.