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Second Cup
355 Danforth Av.

    The Second Cup at Chester and Danforth is truly the neighborhood café, as the many awards upon the wall will attest to . This is a place where everybody knows your name.

    The interior is littered with tables and chairs, and along the back wall, a couch. The couch is a bit of a sorry affair, without the depth to lounge and slouch, but one(sigh), can't expect everything.

    The atmosphere and staff are professional, and friendly. The musical selection was an infectious Bob Marley album, which Jill couldn't help but sing along to, over and over again, with gestures and dancey little movements, which she found terribly entertaining, but drove Jack to complete and utter homicidal insanity.

    In the back, you can buy coffee beans. They grind em or you can take em home whole, which is the Coffee Club way(if you've forgotten). At the front of the counter you will find a desert case, which we think is lacking. Only one half eaten cake. The desserts go on the direction of cookies and tarts, which is ok, but they could really kick it up a knotch with some cake!

    Overall, not bad for a franchise kinda place. This location definatly benefits from the clientel, and the homie neighbourhood feel. Much better then the Second Cups located in malls and most other street corners. If your on the Danforth, be sure to stop in and say hello.

Jill Takes The Cake

    Alas, alackaday! One wretched cake in the display cake, and that none too yummy looking. Jill and Jack opted this time around for gasp! separate desserts.

    Jack had a yummy little lemon meringue tart, which he swears was worth the two dollars and sixty five cents that he paid for it. Jill had a bigass chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks.

    Sadly, the cookie was nowhere near as yummy as it looked. Rather stale, and not too sweet, Jill nevertheless persevered bravely until only a handful of crumbs was left upon the plate.

Jack Says!

    Yes. This little baby lemon meringe tart was yummy. The best part was the crust, perfectly constructed. Then I'd give the meringe a nod and lastly, the all important lemon filling.

    Personally, I would have liked the lemon flling to be more lemony. In this construction it was extremely sweet. This ain't a bad thing per say, but what part of lemon is in this thing?

    Even with this slight faux pas, Jack's sweet tooth enjoyed the experience to its utmost. It was way ahead of the slightly dry crumbly cookie Jill was nibbling, though probably not for everyones taste. Not to mention the somewhat high cost.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Spiced Eggnog:Tis the Season. We was feelin festive and ordered up a cup of Eggnog flavored coffee. The good news? The flavour was just strong enough and did not over power the coffee. Pretty tasty actually, but Jack prefers he's bean juice virgin.