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Cafe 395
395 Bloor St. East

    Located on Bloor East, almost at Sherborne, this surprisingly delightful café tucked neatly in a strip of fast food joints and dollar stores. Although, we reviled the musical selection (think Rod Stewart. Think easy listening. Think loud.)

    The interior sports small pockets of comfy chairs and tables and of course couches, though occupied. So, we sat our candy asses down on a couple of armchairs at a little table with a real live flower arrangement.

    Shelves and cabinets boast an eclectic display of goods such as blankets, boxes, candles, jams and syrups, all of which are for sale. A bookshelf at the rear of the establishment holds magazines and newspapers which may be perused by the patrons. Behind the counter, wall displays of lunch menus, various pasta salads, sandwiches, muffins, etc.

    The dessert selection is small but yummy, featuring miniature cakes and shortbreads. We were impressed by the friendly service and the homey touches, like the fresh floral arrangements, and a diligent cleaning staff.

Another must visit establishment.

Jill Takes The Cake

    Just for a change, just for variety, we opted for the Apple Crumble.

    The server sweetly piled a dollop of whipped cream on our plate and laid the requisite two forks to the side of our dessert. We retired to our table where we dug in enthusiastically.

    The Crumble was neither over sweet nor tart. It had been baked with a great deal of sour cream, and the crumble was moistly fabulous. It would have been easy to eat another piece or two, but that way madness lay. We dug the Apple Crumble, and we dug Café 396!

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Bloor Blend: The first cup wasn't as fresh as the second. Jack asks that you do not let the name fool you. This coffee tastes nothing like Bloor St! Robust, and well balanced, just the thing when you don't need anything fancy.