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Holiday Special Review

    Yes, we know that there should be a review of a fine Toronto based coffee shop waiting for you right here, this week. Instead we decided for the special holiday issue we'd do some holiday type yummy's review.

    Our intrepid Jittery Jill braved unknown territory and flavours. Branching out to embrace holiday inspired goodies. Was it a big mistake? Only Jill knows for sure, and it just so happens that she's sharing her insight with us.

    Be brave kind readers, and find your way to some alternatives. Don't let the unusual frighten you, and don't dismiss the unknown. Life is full of flavours and colours, and it just would not be so, if it were not for our pleasure.


Timothy's Egg Nog Cheesecake.

Bad Thing. Stay away. The egg nog was separating from the rest of the cake, leaving the crust to sit in a stagnant pool of cake water. The cheese had solidified somehow, leaving the cake dense and chewy, instead of light and fluffy. Almost rancid tasting, not even really sweet. Very very yucky. I don't care what Jack says. He'll put anything in his mouth once, I swear. This one was grossalacious.

Starbuck's Gingerbread Latte

Now, normally, we here at the Coffee Club stay way the hell away from Starbuck's. Their coffee bites, and they have a drive thru atmosphere that is most unappealing. However, the Pajavagirl had come across a free coupon for a latte, and Jill, being the cheapskate she is, decided to give it a whirl. Surprise, surprise! Their specialty drinks don't suck ass! In fact, they're almost good. This gingerbread deal tasted just like a moist gingerbread boy right out of the oven. Liquified with whipped cream and cinnamon, he was dainty and delish.

Egg Nog Latte

Jill feels that egg nog is essentially rum flavored mucous. I was pleased, though, with the latte here at Starbuck's. Perhaps it was the more than generous dollop of whipped cream that killed the eggy flavour, or perhaps it was the big fat espresso brownie I ate beforehand, whatever the reason, the egg nog latte is nowhere near as disgusting as I thought it would be. No sweet little gingerbread boy, but tasty nonetheless.