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541 Danforth Ave.

    Coffee with character is the motto of this little café, and indeed, it is a rung above the regular donut shop fare. Delicious house blends, a wide range of beans and loose teas for sale, this company could forseeably give the bigger franchises a run for their money.

    There's a little bit of coziness lacking in their decor, however, that places like Timothy's and Second Cup seem to have a handle on. Although P.A.M.'S does have couches and comfy armchairs, there's something so very unfeng shui about their arrangement of furniture.

    Perhaps it's the ridiculously tiny tall tables that accompany the sofas, upon which one is expected to precariously balance one's very hot coffee without knocking over the spindly legged affair and scalding the hell out of oneself. Or perhaps that's only a problem that Jill seems to have.

Whatever the dealio, P.A.M.'S is a pleasant enough place to while away a wintry afternoon.

Cake Review

Truffle Royale. Like an edible jeweled crown dissolving on your tongue. Creamy chocolatey mousse goodness. White chocolate shavings dot the crust and melt in your mouth. It's a sophisticated dinner party in your mouth. Yummilacious.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Palma (House Blend): Hmmm. Earthy and sour. Now i hear tell that sour usually means it aint the best bean. Beats me. I did find it drinkable, even though it was a bit stronger blend then I like.