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Alternative Grounds Coffee House
333 Roncesvalles Ave

    This café is out in the west end, just about as west as most of us would ever want to go. Set along a relatively busy street with plenty of small shops and eatery's. This is truly and alternative to most other places.

    Inside you will find freshly roast, organically and responsibly grown coffee beans. Not a cause, but a way of live for the owners and patrons. The tables are rather out of place, being to tall, but the chairs are comfortable enough, and one wall sports a bench. In the back, a sectioned area for anyone that needs there nicotine fix.

    They also have a self serve bean display where u can shovel scoop fulls into labeled lined coffee bags, then weight them on a scale. Though I'm sure they would be glad to give you a had if you need assistance.

    One of the more unique features, and an extension of there environmental theme, is the cup storage. Located right under the self serve coffee thermos's, you will find two wide shelves full of ceramic mugs, the preferred drinking vessel of monkeys everywhere. This in itself is not unique, what is unique is that you can bring your own mugs from home, and store them on the left half of the shelves.

    Over all, a very interesting place, that puts its money where its mouth is. Offering you a real alternative to the mass-market-slave-labour-produced monkey dung that some call coffee. If you decide to frequent, bring along a mug and tell em you'll be a
regular. If nothing else, at least give there coffee a try.

Cake Review - Butter Almond Square

    The pickins were mighty slime as far as desserts go. Only a rather lean looking bunt cake,cookies, muffins and square items could be had. This would be more inline with a donut shop and not a cafe with environmentally friendly leanings.

    I settled for somewhat interesting looking square, and was surprised to find that it was actually good. It had the right sweetness, an almondy flavour, and the perfectly right buttery goodness. I could have had a second piece.

    It seems that Alternative grounds actually bakes these items in house, so I must applaud the staff for not overdoing it on the ingredients, though more butter wouldn't hurt.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Nicaraguan Organic Blend: At first sip, this coffee tastes bitter and dirty, but let it sit on ur palette and be rewarded with complex flavours. All th beans are responsibly farmed and organiclly grown. Im not sure if it shows in the flavour, but the coffee is rather good. You can also purchase these same beans to enjoy at home.