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563 Bloor St. West.

    This café is located on Bloor West, on a stretch of this street known for its entertainment value.

    You'll find plenty of bars, dance clubs, live bands, cafes, restaurants and shops all around this area, and if you need a late night coffee and maybe some net surfing, Insomnia is the place. They even make it easy by offering a full menu till 2am from Sun-Thur, and on Fri and Sat there open till 4am.

    This is a beautifully appointed inter net café with a huge licensed bar up front. Who's the decorator? Jill wants them to drop by her place. In the back you'll find lots of comfy low slung couches, plush armchairs and large perfectly located tables.

     Little curtained cubicles contain computers where one can surf the web for reasonable rates. You'll also find the walls covered in photographic art, from local artists, with most of it being quite entertaining. Over all they offer a spacious and unpretentious, lovingly lit, low key laid back atmosphere.

    And on top of that, the fabulously flaky waitress was attentive without being over bearing. A great combination for a potential hangout.

Cake Review - Chocolate Climax

    What can Jill say? This was the wee littlest baby piece of cake we'd ever seen. And for five bucks too! Beautifully presented on a platter dotted with star fruit, wild grapes and strawberries drizzled with some kind of sweet goo, the climax was lovely to look at it.

    Chocolate espresso, dense because it's baked without flour, it was a yummy little piece of business, but certainly not the best we've ever had. Jack was mightily unimpressed. Jill thought it sweet, but Jill will take her chocolate any way she can get it. This slice was utterly anti-climactic.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: It was passable. Jack's had better coffee, and thinks this place should look into cleaning there pot! Though, after a night of clubbing, when everything else is closed, this would be a great place to get coffee and a bite to eat.