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97 Bistro & Coffee Bar
97 Danforth Ave.

    97 Bistro is on the very delicious Danforth. A good place to open a brand new food and coffee bar. Its interior is done in faux copper, with ceiling, and floor getting the same treatment. Chairs and tables litter the inside, and opposite the main door you will find a cozy raised couch area.

    The counter is also done in copper, on one end of it you will find a pastry display, on the other end a fabulous selection of cold cuts and cheeses. Not only can you have coffee and dessert, you can also have a roast beef on rye. Their menu also includes hot dishes, which lean towards the exotic. Bravo on the selection!

    Over their sound system they play jazz, classical, alternative music that leans towards ambient. Rather interesting for the most part, and quite a bit closer to the type of music we at Coffee Club would recommend. That alone, at least for us, makes 97 Bistro a future hangout. Oh and the coffee was yummy.

Cake Review

Jill chose this cake slice because it was decorated with little chocolate covered espresso beans, which Jill found charmingly appropriate. Jill was a wee bit disappointed with this slice, though. It was a dry and ordinary caramel crunch, just a Xerox of all the other slices that we've consumed. Jack, being a big caramel fan, was delighted, and literally licked the plate clean. Jill was not impressed, but was fond of the sweet little bean on the sticky top of the slice.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

MochaJava: Bingo! This be a great brew people. It was so easy drinking we had two cups of it, and coulda had more.