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Java Joe's
70 Gerard St. West.

    This location at the corner of Bay and Gerrard offers a two story café/deli where you a sandwich and soup to go with your coffee. The main floor is where you buy your goods, then up a single bend staircase to the spacious and sparingly decorated second floor.

    Jill was taken by the charming little house that is Java Joe's. She was not impressed, however, that she had to carry her sloshing coffee mug up the twisting staircase to the second floor where the couches and tables are situated. We thought it would be an idea to have a coffee station upstairs as well, to avoid any coffee spillage.

    The second floor sports very modern tables and chair, plus vinyl covered couches. Jill was tremendously pleased with the tiny individual couches and felt as though she had her own comfy little throne , whilst Jack found them a touch claustrophobic.

    Beware, though, the nightmarish downtown parking if you plan on driving to Java Joe's. We spent nearly half an hour of precious coffee time circling the neighborhood looking for a space. During this time we discovered that no one in their right mind should ever issue Jill a licence, for she will surely snap in traffic one day and make pea soup out of any driver that gets in her way

Cake Review - Sinful Squares

    The dessert selection at Java Joe's was disappointingly sparse, so we made do with a Sinful Square. Now what the hell is in one of these, we ask. We don't know. We do know that they hurt.

    They are sticky, cakey, chocolatey, and very very sweet. They make pain for your mouth, gut and brain. Not that they aren't tasty. No indeed. But they go just a little too far with the ridiculously sticky burning sugary thing.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Bay St. Dark: Oh Baby! This is a dark coffee. Heavy roast with an african flavour.

Columbian Supremo: Very good brew. Tastes like Columbian and a lot like what Jack makes at home. Thumbs way up.

German Chocolate: Jill like flavoured coffee. This one was better then most cake imitators. It smelled just like chocolate cake, and kinda taste like it to.