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Grabba Jabba
2002 Queen East (The Beaches)

    This is the quintessential Beaches coffee house. It just oozes community, and friendliness, and it's damn lucky that Jill was in a good mood when she did this review, because frankly, that kind of unwarranted cheerfulness makes Jill more than a little sick.

    But Grabba Jabba is airy, with high ceilings and tastefully exposed duct work. The counters are spic and span, and amply staffed with easy going facially pierced baristas. There are magazines to peruse, and a bulletin board for the locals. Open mic poetry readings happen once a week, and local authors are given a chance to showcase their talents for the general public. A psychic comes in once a week, and her appointment book lays on the counter awaiting all those fools who wish to part with their money.

    Most notable at Grabba Jabba are the profusion of cozy little arrangements of cushy armchairs and coffee tables, and not one, but two plush sofas. Of course, they aren't the most prettily upholstered couches and chairs in the world. More like the stuff that Grandma has in the guest living room. You know, the one you were never allowed to sit in, and all the furniture was covered in plastic? It's a bit like that. But comfy, and with a fake fireplace that most likely really works in the winter time. There is a tiny patio and two benches outside the café that are truly excellent to sit in and watch all the mostly-naked people sauntering by.

Jill's A Slice

Chocolate Black Out Cake

    This cake is exactly like the Easy Bake oven cake mix that Jill always wanted but never had as a child. She made up for this gross injustice in high school when Jill and her best friend would make grotesquely elaborate cakes from Betty Crocker cake mixes, black food coloring, and old Barbie Dolls. Sigh. Those were the days.

    The Chocolate Black Out Cake's primary flavor seemed to be icing sugar, with a whisper of chocolate in the background. Jill was delighted, because it brought a wave of nostalgia with every fork full, but Jack was disgusted with the fact that cake mix cake was being pawned off as a true dessert that we had paid about five bucks for.

    It looks a lot yummier than it is, because truthfully it is a little dry, and incredibly crumbly. We fell for its appearance and dug into our slice so quickly that we were unable to provide a photo for you, our most esteemed readers, of the entire slice.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Afternoon Blend: Fresh brewed. Aromatic, robust with a delicious coffee flavour. It was a milder blend, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Brazilian Blend: This was fabulous. Really strong without tasting like dirt, and it finished nicely too, without any nasty surprises in the bottom of the mug. Smooth and yummy. Jill was most impressed.