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Tango Palace
Coffee Company

     A very unassuming little cafe, tucked away in a somewhat trendy part of town. It looks quite small on the outside, but is very roomy. The floors are wood, the walls are brick and the ceiling is done in patterned metal tiles.

    The tables are small and intimate, with lovely red armchairs clustered around. I am Jack's comfy hiney. The arm chairs are comfortable, and they're on casters, so it makes it easy to position them.

    Behind the counter you'll find an ornate espresso machine, all copper and brass. Looks like an antique, but I bet it makes a fine espresso.

    You'll also find a friendly staff thats happy to serve your coffee with a smile. We appreciated the welcome. It makes Tango Palace a place to come back too.

Cake Of The World

    Technically not a cake, this fab little treat induced the same kind of tooth stripping headache the sweetest slice will produce. This brownie was chosen from a veritable cornucopia of brownies.

    "Get the one with caramel," Cakey Pants Jack says, pointing at the marble iced brownies languishing on a plate in the display case.

    There happened to be several varieties of caramel slathered brownies behind the glass, so we haggled for a moment before settling on the one made from Snicker's bars. Snicker's, for fucks sake!

    The most adorable waitress in the world cheerfully responds to our request for whipped cream with a huge smile. For extra good measure, she slices the brownie in half for us, as if she knew that we fight over the portions every time, and then dumps tasty chocolate powder over the whole sticky deal.

    This one we don't even time. With the first fork full my eyeballs bulge and burn and my head begins to whine. I am Jill's gleeful sweet induced migraine. Good lord!. Who would guess that such a tiny dessert would pack such a big ass punch?

    The buzz from this little delight lasts for about half an hour, before we finally crash and burn. We find ourselves momentarily involved in a verbal altercation with a couple of scantily clad roller blading boneheads, coupled with nasty face headaches and the desire to pound the heck out of each other.

    An interesting switch from the usual cake, but tread lightly with these brownies, not for the uninitiated. The side effects are much harsher than you would ever guess!

Coffee Selection

House Blend: Hey, this is good coffee. They only serve this one, but its fresh and its tasty. Some kind of African blend for sure. Good full body with a sweet top.
Espresso Shake: What do you get when you mix espresso icecream, milk, and a shot of delicious espresso? You get a cool coffee that's big, frothy and flavoured. Surprisingly, not as sweet as one might think. I cant wait till these catch on, cause I want to drive thru and grab me an Espresso Shake...everywhere!