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The Roastery
Coffee House

     In the heart of the trendy Beaches area of Toronto, this little shop sports a very open atmosphere. The large windows let in a lot of natural light, and on this particular day the open doors(front and side) let in a cool breeze.

    One wall has a long couch on it, with tables and chairs in front, a bit of a tight squeeze, but comfortable once you manage to cram in there. Off the side of the main counter there are 4 or 5 tall chairs, in front of a coffee bar. Not very usual, but very interesting, and a good idea.

    I am Jack on vacation. The area is a tourist attraction, so the Roastery displays its inhouse roasting machine in the window, to attract passers by. All they need is a guy out front on a podium offering up two for one coffee tickets, and they'd have a carnival!

    They roast their beans fresh, not really sure if its every day,though. Behind the counter you can see barrels full of beans, most likely from a recent roasting. I am Jack's wide open eyes. The rich colour of all those beans was quite a sight to see. I am Jack's Nose. Smelled good too.

    Oh, but all's not right in paradise. You didn't think this was the perfect place did you? The big downside was the lack of any kind of desserts. There goodies case was so empty, except for a have eaten flat cakey thing, and a stale looking item on the top shelf.

    Maybe the delivery man was late with the goodies. Maybe they just don't like given out cake.I am Jack's disappointment.

    Oh well. We'll check on them some other time, when there's cake. Still, the coffee's good, but if you go on the weekend, be prepared to line up for the precious juice. This is, after all, tourist season.

Coffee Selection

The Roastery has quite a large selection of coffees to choose from. After long deliberation, we chose only to try this one.
Moca Java: Roasted inhouse, ground fresh, waiting on little heater pads so that you can pour it yourself. It has a full body flavour, and a rather mellow top. We think the fresh roasting has a lot to do with the mellowness. It's good, but sometimes you want your coffee with more bite.