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Just Desserts
1985 Queen St. East

    This particular Just Desserts is located in the Beaches right beside Kew Gardens. It has a sizeable patio in the front from which it is possible to watch a wholesome variety of scantily clad people sashaying back and forth on Queen St. We were impressed immediately by the baby poo brown vinyl couch located inside the café just in front of the dessert case and right by the front window. A battered coffee table just right for spreading out the requisite NOW or EYE magazine accompanied this deliciously comfy couch. This couch is so freaking cushy and great, that Jack and Jill have half a mind to permanently inhabit it. We're changing our address baby! Send all packages care of ‘The Couch'!

The dessert display case is almost intimidatingly impressive, with at least a dozen cakes and pies to choose from, and the names of each one written directly upon the glass with some sort of magic pen. A veritable cornucopia of fabulousness, they don't call it ‘Just Desserts' for nothin'.

Jill was a little frightened, though, by the hovering cloud of flies that seemed to inhabit the space just around the dessert case, but what the hell, we ordered a slice anyhow. We were also completely unimpressed with the lazy assed staff. When we arrived, the counter people were lounging about in the booths, and when we left they had made themselves cozy on the patio. It also took an inordinate amount of time to receive our orders. And Jill found the bathrooms to be the most noxious of all public restrooms that she has ever had the misfortune to have to pee in. Worse, even, than any bar or club that has been used and abused all night by a horde of full bladdered drunkards. The Just Desserts bathroom had never, ever been cleaned, and indeed, housed teetering piles of junk that the owners saw fit to store behind the toilet. Avoid the bathroom at all costs.

Jill's A Slice


    Worth the insects and bad smells and insolent staff, this was totally yummy. Chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crumb crust, topped with some kind of white chocolate concoction and drizzled with chocolate icing. Absolutely fabulous right down to the last fork full. A little more expensive than the average slice price, but truly worth every damn penny. So if you're a brave soul that's willing to throw all sanitary sense to the wind, and risk some kind of hideous infectious sickness from dirty restrooms and less than clean premises, have a big ole chunk of Tuxedo Cake from Just Desserts!(Other locations may be cleaner; CPJ)

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Jack is starting to wonder why some places do not care about the coffee they serve. This was an OK kinda coffee, but only that. The sign out front does say, 'Just Desserts' so maybe we can cut them some slack, but come on people, make some good coffee won't yah!