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William's Coffee Pub

     Oh yah, this is Richmond Hill. Car dealerships and strip malls as far as the eye can see. Then, as you drive further north, it gives way to forest and the end of the world as we know it.

    William's Coffee Pub is a nice enough place. From its trendy neon facade and patio , to its comfortable booth filled interior. The wide and plentiful windows add to the ambiance. I found it a relaxing environment.
    I am Jack's rumbling tummy. The most interesting aspect of this particular establishment is the waffle bar. Stools surround a glass covered cooking area, where you can watch the bar girls(and boys) make your waffle.

    You can get a waffle with a scoop of icecream. You can get icecream folded into a crepe. You can get icecream in a hard waffle bowl. All fresh made, all covered in the fruit sauce of your choice.

    I am Jack's sweet tooth. In the display case, there were plenty of lovely looking desserts to go with your joe. Lots of creamy, fresh cakes and a couple of untouched pies greeted our eager gaze.

    The menu's behind the counter where hand drawn in chalk. They offered a selection of specialty coffee's, like espresso's and latte's. And if you're extra nice, you can get some liqueur in what ever you're drinking.

    At the front, next to the door, we found a couch and an armchair, which we took to eagerly. With our coffees and cakes, we were ready to kick back and relax.

Not a bad place at all but, (like most things) it wasn't all good news.

Cakey Goodness

    Is it possible for cake to taste any better then this? I am Jack's disbelief. I think not.

    Three super creamy layers of a lovely caramel flavoured cream. Seperated by 4 layers of a crispy, nutty cake, perfectly sweetened.

    This cake was a perfect match for the somewhat bland coffee. It's flavours blending quite nicely with the brown liquid. If you run across this Opera, be sure to stay a while, and don't leave until you've heard the fat lady sing.

The Coffee Dilemma

Edward Pants Esq. Says:

    An afternoon trip to Suburbia, home of the Minivan, should reveal few surprises, yet I am somewhat stymied by our little visit to the delightful and oh-so-charming William's Coffee Pub in Richmond Hill.

    Cheers to the comfy environment and absolutely yummy Bumbleberry Pie. That's right, pie: the original partner to coffee. None of that trendy cake thing for this boy. OK, I like the cake thing. But pie is where it's at, kids. Just ask FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

    A famous mathematician once said: the digits of pi are the face of God. Surely he meant pie.

    Cheers, too, to the lovely assortment of female patrons, coming in for a coffee after a long, hectic afternoon of shopping for that perfect stencil design for the kitchen or that absolutely darling toilet paper roll cozy -- just one last stop at William's before the hubby comes home and the kids are off to soccer practice.

    Anyway, I had only one problem with William's Coffee Pub: jeers to the coffee selection! Oh, sorry... selection is too burly a word; there's only one kind of coffee here: "coffee".

Now -- having a single, house blend -- this would be a bold move indeed, if the lovely black-juice was a delightful blend of flavour, body and aroma. Sadly, it was unremarkable and plain.

    Sure, you can add "flavour shots" (blech!), but what's the use? Even cream & sugar won't help, and that's for pussies, anyway. All you black-coffee lovers will have to pack your own hip-flask full of Cointreau, if you get my drift.

    I'd recommend they put quotation marks around the word PUB in their name; lots to choose from there, just not coffee. To be fair, it could have just been a bad coffee day, but apparently it's the same & only blend they always use. But, heaven forbid you take my word for it. I encourage you to pay them a visit, because the environment is nice, service was friendly, they have a patio, and the pie is damn swell. Just B.Y.O.C.

Jittery Jill Says:

    It's five in the morning and my eyes burn. I wander sluggishly through terminal three at Pearson International Airport until I smell it. There tucked away in an unobtrusive corner, a little hideaway that emits the sweet smell of brewed coffee.

    Numb, I follow the aroma into William's Coffee Pub. I place my order with the overly perky counter person. Apparently ‘double double' to her means dumping half a container of sugar into my styrofoam cup.

    The sugar eats a hole in my tongue.

    I weave my way through the other patrons til I find an empty table. The seats are wittily constructed out of galvanized steel, just the comfortless thing to keep your tired airport monkey ass awake. I can't truly taste the coffee for the sugar, but it seems to be exactly what one would expect from the airport.

    It has that flavour unique to motels, diners, airplanes and hospitals. Is there some special industrial bean that is favoured by these institutions?

    I sip slowly, trying hard to stay awake. I am Jill's ridiculously early morning flight. I don't have a chance to sample the array of muffins and squares that languish under glass, but I can assure you that the coffee is a straight reliable infusion of a slightly higher quality than the vending machine variety.

Coffee Selection

William's Coffee Pub has only one straight coffee.
House Blend: Coffee flavoured, with a hint of sour. Quite similar to your average restaurant coffee, perhaps a step above. Their specialty coffee's may be better, but we did not try any of those.