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     Oh yes, its a silly quote from a 50's movie turned into a coffee shop. I am Jack's hardly amused sense of humour. Even though the line is familiar, this modern coffee bar/meeting place has little to do with the old days.

    The place is open 24hrs, serves food, desserts, and beverages of the bean kind, which includes cocoa. I am Jack's rumbling stomach. Outside there's a covered patio, so you can watch the suburban traffic zipping by, if that's your thing. Very low marks on the view here.

    Seating is comfortable, with garage style, floor to ceiling open windows. No matter where you sit, it feels like the outdoors. After working 8 hours in a tiny cubicle, breathing recycled air and smelling your cube neighbour, the fresh air approach here is quite welcomed.

    I'm Jack's overjoyed freshness gland. In back they have what might be the best aspect of this joint. A coffee roasting machine. It's big, it's ugly, just like your aunt. These beans are guaranteed fresh baby.

Coffee Club rule: Coffee must be fresh, it don't get fresher then this.

Cake Of The World

    I am the screaming lack of enamel on Jill's teeth. Gentlemen, welcome to Caramel Crunch. This one we've been hunting down for aeons, but nowhere could we find a virgin cake. And like I say, losing all hope is freedom. For there, whole and shining in the display case, an entire Caramel Crunch.

    The Mecca of caramel cake experiences, the Caramel Crunch retains legendary status. Rather like caramel Jell-o pudding interwoven with walnut layers, there is very little crunch or cake to this dessert. The waitress rather fabulously decorated the plate with butterscotch and chocolate syrup which utterly enhanced the melt in your mouth goodness of the dessert. Rather like a mousse or pudding condensed in slice formation, it was surprisingly light and very very sweet. Did I say sweet? Sweet in the way that your teeth peel as the cake hits your mouth. Tasty in a licking the plate kind of way, fairy goodness. My oh my. Recommended, yes indeedy do.

    On a long enough time line, the survival rate for any slice drops to zero. This one lasted a scant minute and a half, a new record. Afterwards, we both felt saved. Scooping the leftover goo into our mouths with our fingers, we sat back sated. The waitress glanced at us bemused as we fought over who would lick the plate.

    This is indeed the all singing all dancing cake. The cake of the world.

Coffee Selection

House Blend: Tasty, with an earthy flavour. I really couldn't tell much difference between this and the columbian blend. Perhaps it packed a touch more punch. Perhaps it's a little man in a tutu.

Columbian: What is there to say kiddies? I am Jack's ever bored taste buds. This coffee was swell. Did nothing to excite, but drinkable to the last drop. You've all had this one before, but useful if you're much of a wuss to try something new.

    Caveat Emptor: Jill and I both agreed, that this coffee was wussy week. Its the kinda stuff your mommy would make.

    I am Jack's thinking brain. Some of this softness in flavour could be from the fresh roasting.

    It was easy drinking for sure, but perhaps a bit less water would make it a contender.