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Mocha Mocha
489 Danforth Ave.

    Jack and Jill have avoided this pretentiously under furnished café like the plague for over a year, but the time had come. We owed it to you, our esteemed readers, to review Mocha Mocha, and also, we are running out of places on the Danforth to review.

    Although Mocha Mocha is sparsely furnished with wooden tables, benches and chairs, the seating arrangements are annoyingly close to one another. The decor lacks any distinctiveness, leaving one feeling like the place is still under construction. Comfort was not the keyword here.

    There menu selection was mostly organic foods and beverages. Perhaps this philosophy extended to the hard, real wood furniture and wild placement. Very much like what mother nature would grown in her own deep woods café.

    The regular clientele seems to be that sort of middle class ,Canadiana reading, introspective writing , L.L. Bean wearing sort of crowd. Not exactly the deep underbelly of the café world that Jack and Jill normally frequent. And nary a couch in sight.

    Sigh. The things we do for you, our valued audience.

Dessert Talkin' Jill

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Had oatmeal. Had chocolate chips. Pretty good, moist, chewy. It's a freaking cookie. Very difficult to fuck up.

Butter Tart

Best butter tart ever. EVER. Slicing into the tart with the side of a fork let loose a golden rivulet of sweet sticky ooze. Buttery juiciness spurted out of this little number like come out of a Japanese school girl on a skiing trip. Yumbutteryum.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Nothing special. Probably sat to long in the big pump thermos. Your basic brew.