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Lost City
505 Danforth Ave.

    The Danforth seems to offer an endless array of café's and eateries. We have tried very hard to find, and patronize every last one of them. In our continuing efforts, we bring you Lost City, another café contender.

    Normally this is not the sort of place that we would frequent, with its modern/retro decor and lack of couch seating. It's interior is littered with chairs and tables up front, then more tables in the back, with a wall bench. We received suspicious up-and-down looks from the wee European lady at the bar, then she told us to pick out our own table and wait for the waiter. The wait to have our orders taken was much like waiting to have a root canal performed in Purgatory-eternal and dreadful, but then again it was 2 in the afternoon and we were the only customers present.

    Ranged around the bar were a gaggle of twenty-something, Hilfiger wearing, iBook owning, Photoshop using, would-be graphic designers that looked absolutely incensed when Jack and Jill became engaged in the classic Mac vs. PC argument. Jill was amused, contemptuous and annoyed by these young men. However, they later redeemed themselves by giving Jack a gratis memory card for the Coffee Club digital camera. Huzzah!

    Lost City is a combination café/bar, and so not really cozy, or couch filled. However, it has a fabulous garage door window which was swung open to admit a delightful breeze. The dessert display had a limited choice, but a quick perusal of the menu revealed that they have a variety of ice cream flavors, waffles and crepes. As Jack and Jill were a little skint this week, we opted for a slice of cake, mainly for the little dealio on the menu-free refills on coffee with dessert. Huzzah indeed!

Dessert Talkin' Jill

Blueberry Cheese Cake

    Of the scant few desserts in the display case, the blueberry cheesecake looked the most appealing. We put our order in to the waiter, after twiddling our thumbs and huffing and puffing and staring into space for about seven years to get his attention.

    The wait was definitely worth it. Drizzled with raspberry sauce and garnished with cool whipped cream was a slab of cheesecake like Everest. Dense, rich, not too sweet, not too sticky, this baby was a real number. Of course, it sat like a cheesy anvil in our guts for the rest of the afternoon, but hey. You can't win ‘em all.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: The coffee was good. Maybe it was fresh or maybe it was just good, strong, flavourful brew. Thumbs up.