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Timothy's Cafe

    You're not a pretty snow-flake, but you do want to be treated like one sometimes, even if you don't want anyone to know. That's where Timothy's Cafe comes into play. We are talking couches, that holy grail of coffee goodness.

    What we have here is some fine seating for your tired spacemonkey butt. Grab ur coffee and park your posterior on a two seater couch, cushioned arm chairs, or comfortable wood...for those that want to get back to nature.

Cake Of The World

    Unspoiled, untouched. Naught but a few hours old. Striped and garnished with sweet little white chocolate wafers. Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake.

    "What about that little caramel number?" Mr. Cakey Pants points to a wee slab of Caramel Crunch.

    "That's a three slice piece at best. What's rule number one?"

    Rule Number One of Cake: Only whole cakes will do. Do not take a slice from a cut cake.

    Sasha the waiter responds to our unusual request for whipped cream with a half-smile. He squirts a generous dollop of Redi Whip onto the plate beside the quivering sliver of cheesecake.

    "Check your watch," I tell Mr. Cakey Pants. "I give this slice two minutes."

    We pop the cherry of this weeks slice with our forks, lovingly holding that first bite in our mouths until it dissolves. "Oh yeah," I mumble through a mouthful of sweet goodness. "That's the shit."

    Being on a steady diet of coffee and little else, I give up the single white chocolate wafer to Mr. Cakey Pants. He scoops it into his mouth with his fingers.. "Two minutes," he declares, checking his watch. Seized by a primal urge, I grasp the plate with both hands and lick it clean, to the horror of the other patrons. I wash down the Mocha Chocolate with a swig of lukewarm Celebration, a smooth and dirty House Blend.

     Although not the most delectable slice we've ever had, the Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake is definitely a saucy little number, guaranteed to satisfy your craving for decadence.

Coffee Selection

Celebration Blend: Tasty dirt flavoured coffee. We believe the name/blend has something to do with Canada Day. Im thinking it would be a great kickstart to Canada Day morning, or perhaps the morning after the Canada Day celebrations. Ouch...my head!

Mocha French: Oh yummy, the smell of cigarette ashes. This lovely coffee might be usefull for peeling the paint off that antique end table you just bought. Come on..you know you bought one..you wuss! This be real mans coffee. Not for all taste buds.

Noisette: Nuts! Nuts! Nuts, I tell you! Hazel nuts even. If you want flavoured coffee, then this is a winner. Tastes like coffee actually, with a nutty hazel flavour. This coffee aint fakin it, it's got the goods, not some crap squeeze flavour from a plastic jug! Hail Hazel!