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Happy Coffee
N-W Corner of Queen E. and Carlaw

    Happy Coffee is a place which the Caffeind said, begged to be photographed. It was with this in mind that we headed to Carlaw and Queen in the studio district.

    Happy Coffee features an exterior sign which reads ‘Enjoy a Coke at Happy Coffee'. Indeed, enjoy a Coke, because you certainly won't enjoy the coffee.

    The decor is a fabulous and eclectic mix of brown and orange vinyl chairs and found objects. A shelf mounted high up the wall boasts oversized fans and amusing objets d'art. In the freezer which houses the Coke, there was an interesting collection of very old sandwiches. Jack and Jill mightily enjoyed the interior of this small neighborhood café.

    We were distressed, however, by the coffee. There is a large variety of flavors to choose from, and one may fill one's own cup from any of the thermoses available. We were unable to taste the difference between Jack's House Blend and Jill's Mocha Java. The Styrofoam cups were terribly unpleasant to drink from, and worst of all, the coffee is crap. Disgusting. Watery filthy brown water. Nigh on undrinkable. Jill had about three sips before she gave up, while Jack plunged bravely ahead. He made it halfway through the cup before he abandoned ship.

    The Happy Coffee is a charming and amusing place to visit, and is hands down the most excellently decorated café that we have visited. But take the owners word for it, and ‘Enjoy a Coke', not their coffee.

No Cake For Jill

    As there were no desserts to choose from, save a stale selection of chocolate bars, and as we were already stuffed with truffles (and you can take that anyway you like) we purchased the strongest chewing gum that we could find (Dentyne Intense) to chomp away the foul flavor of the Happy Coffee.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

    I am Jacks expectations. As one can see from the photo above, Happy Coffee sports 6 different flavours of coffee. Of course it was a bit of a surprise to see this, considering the quaint exterior. I decided to try their House Blend and Jill opted for Mocha Java.

     I was discouraged by the styrofoam cups, cause nothing ruins coffee faster then foam, monkey boy! Still, we had a job to do, so ever the intrepid reporters, we delved in with glee. A premature glee mind you, yet to ripen on the taste buds.

     Man, if you ever need a good cup of hot water, this is the place. I mean I've had warm water, and some taps just don't cut it for this boy. Happy Coffee must have a direct line to the treatment plant to get water this tasty. The downside being that there 6 choices of coffee seem to be completely pointless.

     Did we dislike happy coffee? I think the framed plaque on the wall above the coffee counter says it all. Happy people really DO like happy coffee.

'Nuff said.

Coffee Selection:

House Blend:Warm coffee scented water with sugar and cream. Um yah, I could sorta taste how this was related to coffee.

Moca Java:Warm coffee scented water with sugar and cream. Um yah, I could sorta taste how this was related to coffee.