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Schiling's Exclusive Pastries
135 Danforth Ave

    Once again we find ourself on the trendy Danforth Ave, home to many a cafe and bistro to tantilize your tastebuds. You'd think we've used up the Danforth, but you'd be wrong. Here's a pastry shop we should have visted a long time ago, but as they say, it's never too late.

    The interior is filled with wood, as far as the eye can see. Brightly lit, relatively spacious, and littered with pine tables and chairs. They have plenty of room for a big crowd if one were to arrive. The front showcases all the fabulous desserts and chocolates that are made in-house. Yes thats right, you can get rich creamy chocolate truffles fresh from the bakers oven.

    As if the desserts and chocolate were not enough, they also offer a food menu as well, with a fair selection of light and not so light meals. Have to leave room for the cake though, so we recommend sticking to less filling.

    In the back is an espresso bar. Even though they seem to only serve two types of straight coffee, Columbian and Espresso style Columbian, they do have a fine selection of specialty coffees. From a simple cinnamon coffee to more elaborate Latte's, you'll probably find something to your liking.

Schilling's is a winner, because if you like cake and chocolate, we have yet to find a better place and we ain't talking ordinary monkey boy.

Jill's Cake Journey - Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Oh My Gawd! This is the most insanely delectable selection of desserts we have ever had the extreme fortune to experience. After prolonged dithering at the counter, we finally settled upon the Chocolate Truffle. Jill also wanted to try one of the tasty little fruit numbers, but Jack pulled the lint out of his pockets to demonstrate the lack of bones with which to purchase a second slice. Alackaday, another day.

    At $4.95 a slice, we initially thought that the size left much to be desired. It looked so little and lonely in it's plastic sheath in the centre of the plate. However, once the plastic was peeled back and the truffle cake was left gleaming and naked, we decided that it was just the right size. And indeed, this number was perfection itself. Filled with the richest ganache (and isn't that just the greatest word?) And topped with a yummy little truffle, this slice was over in a heartbeat. Schillings is too upscale for Jill to openly lick the plate, so she satisfied herself with scooping what little was stuck to the plate into her mouth with sticky fingers.

    And then glorious day! As we were paying for our ridiculously fabulous coffees, we came upon little bags of chocolate truffles, five for $3.50. Jack can't afford an apple pastry but you can bet he shelled out the buck seventy five for the truffles. Inside we found an unbelievable sampling of the flavors they have available at Schillings. Rum, brandy, champagne. Sweet almonds and whipped chocolate. Jill thought that Jack would crash the car for sure after the sugar coated rum truffle that left us both breathless and giddy.

    If you want to play at grown up and hunker down to some yum ass desserts, we highly recommend Schilling's to all monkeys everywhere, for their fabulous pastry and chocolates selection.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Cinnamon Coffee:A very robust Columbian bean with a heap of cinnamon. Interesting enough flavour, that Jack had to try it at home, somewhat successfully too.

Viennese Coffee:This is the filthiest, strongest, most incredible drink Jill has ever ingested. It left her with her brain moving in the wrong direction, and an endearing twitch. Long espresso topped with whipped cream and shaved home made chocolate. Nuff said.