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Daily Grind
565 Danforth Ave.

    The sandwich board read coffee, so we headed in. With a name like ‘Daily Grind', we figured coffee would be integral to the menu.

We were wrong.

    Lacking any sort of ambience at all, not even the low-brow charm of a greasy spoon, the Daily Grind is not only uninviting, it is unappealing. They've got some tables and chairs, they've got some food. That's about the extent of the whole affair.

    We searched the menu for a good five minutes looking for coffee and desserts. We found gyros, eggs, souvlaki and grilled cheese, but very little in the way of dessert. In fact, nothing in the way of dessert at all. Then Jack noticed the peeling poster sagging from the wall. ‘Funnel Cake' it read. Now Funnel Cake is a dessert which one finds chiefly on the Midway, and by golly, that's where it should stay.

    The food of the carnies is not necessarily the food which the rest of us should ingest. However, as Funnel Cake appeared to be the only dessert the Daily Grind offered, this was what Jack and Jill ordered, A la mode. With apple topping and two coffees.

    This was where it all went hideously awry. The waiter (if that's what he really was) gave us the choice between apple, blueberry and cherry. We, in our naivete, believed that the apple topping would be the least harmless.

Yet again, we were wrong.

    The coffee arrived first, brown and hot and coffee like. Then the interminable wait. We waited and waited and waited, til finally, IT arrived.

Jill Take On The Cake

Funnel Cake A La Mode with Apple Topping

    Now we've seen many, many desserts, my friend, but none like this. Coils of fried dough buried under soft serve butterscotch ice cream and quivering mucous colored apples. Translucent shivery slices of what was, once upon a time, bits of real fruit.

    With some trepidation, we dug in. At first, there was the sweet novelty of the deep fried dough. The cold cream of the butterscotch. Then there was the raw bits of Jill's throat which burned and burned from the apple topping. And for the remainder of the afternoon, the bricks of dough expanding in our guts. Funnel Cake is a bad thing, useful only for upchuck ammunition on the Tilt-A-Whirl. We were sick. We were sad. We were sorry.

    The only fabulous thing at all was the price. $5.75 for two coffees and desserts, which is indeed a sweet deal. Not sweet enough, though, to endure that pain again. Though Jack might concider it if only for the somewhat low cost/portion ratio.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Like everything else in this place, the coffee was rather second rate. The only thing it had going for it, was that it was a fresh pot made moments before served.