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Cafe Frappe
519 Danforth Ave.

    A narrow room boasting exposed brick walls and charmingly crooked tables, Cafe Frappe is located in the thriving heart of, you guessed it, the Danforth. Why the hell not? The interior was divided down the middle by, half ground level, the other half raised. The patio seemed to be larger than the interior, and that was a good call on the part of the owners, because in this glorious spring weather, we where the only ones sitting inside.

    The staffing was very minimal, with only one surly waiter to look after the place. To be fair, it was in the afternoon on a workday and no one expects a crowed. He was busy though going from the kitchen to the patio, and totally ignoring us to serve his buddies. We had ample time to study the decor as we waited and waited and waited. Jack was particularly fond of a row of hanging lamps which coincidentally resemble head down sperm. Jill was particularly fond of getting her order placed.

Jill Take On The Cake

Chocolate truffle cake and coffee ice cream.

    Cafe Frappe has a delightful deal on their menu wherein one can order a slice of cake and a cup of coffee for $5.95. Not a bad arrangement. They also have a yummass selection of ice cream flavors, which one can order in single scoops to accompany ones dessert.

    Make sure you specify that to your slacking waiter, or else you end up with an entire bowl like Jack and Jill. I would have sent it back, but then I would have felt so sad for the lone marashino cherry on the top of the coffee ice cream pile.

    Jill dumped the bowl of ice cream onto the cake plate and we dug in. We were particularly impressed with the long handled dessert spoons which bore the Nescafe logo. The cake was sweet, fresh, moist and chocolatey. The coffee ice cream was delicious, but more ice than cream.

    This was one of those desserts which is deceptively mousse-y and light when you are eating it, but then rots in your gut like a water buffalo for the rest of the afternoon.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Strong, and fresh. It wasn't anything to write home about, but it did satisfy.