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Joy Of Java
1559 Danforth Rd.

    Located in the heart of Greek town, on the Danforth, we find this ‘corner' coffee shop. From the outside it has a bit of that Parisian café look, with its muted brown tones and cast iron fencing. Plus, in the warmer months, outdoor seating under an awning.

    The interior is quite long, and at the back you will find the smoking designated area. Windows along both exterior walls. Chairs, bench seat along one wall and sofa's all clad in vinyl, which is a Coffee Club no-no. We wants our bottoms papered as well as our palettes.

    The space in front of the long coffee bar is a bit cramped, and you have to get out of the way of any patrons having a nic-fit. Though you do most of your coffee bartering on the outside corner witch gives u a bit more breathing room.

    Our favorite bit of decadents, was the service to the table. Place your order and sit back till it gets there. Then again, this shop also offers an actually food menu, just in case your not just there for a coffee break.

Jill Takes The Cake

    Okay, so minus several points for the tacky vinyl couches. But this is the café formerly known as Dark City, and these are the leftover couches. So we'll let that slide. Cause the cake, sweet Jesus, the cake here is just not to be believed.

    We had the Baileys cheesecake which was so sinfully light and creamy that just smelling it brought Jill a hell of a lot closer to her happy place.

    A cunning little splash of raspberry sauce adorned the corner of our plate, and we scooped it through the fudge sauce and up onto the succulent mound of the slice itself.

    The cream cheese part of the cake left our cheeks burning with sugar induced blushes, and the moist chocolate did a little mambo on our tongues. The best damn cake we've had in a very long time.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Java Blend: Very good. It was a touch on the strong side, and for some reason, Jack was having trouble with it. Not one of Jacks favorites, but the cups were HUGE!