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Coffee Connoisseur
359 Queen St. West

    This shop is hidden in the heart of Queen St.'s fashion district. (least that's what the street signs have on 'em)

    A low key, sparsely furnished long interior with small tables, hard backed chairs, and cool tiled floor, greets you when you walk in. The colour scheme is done in browns, which gives the place a coffee kinda feel.

    At the back you find a comfy pleather couch and two matching chairs. The coffee table that completes this furniture ensemble, had a glass top, beneath which they had spelled out the name of the joint in coffee beans.

Clever clever.

    Opposite the couches are two Japanese photo and sticker booths, which made for a few minutes speculation and witticisms. Though, lack of any stickers on the walls or table might indicate this machines see little use.

    The music, on the other hand, left much to be desired. It was ‘someone's' music at work, however, Jack and Jill were pointedly not at work, and having a late afternoon coffee while being aurally assaulted by Rod Stewart detracted mightily from the experience.

Dis Be Cake!

    Yum. Dufflet cake, the real deal.

    Chocolate mousse, who could go wrong with that? No one I say!

    Unbidden, the counter lady plops two quivering little mounds of real whipped cream onto our plate. Thick, rich chocoatey paradise. Inexplicable layer of cherry flavor mousse, crunchy little flakes of sweet yumminess. Good to the last forkful.

That fat slice lasted about one hundred and twenty seconds. Suuhhweeet.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Seatle Blend: A mellow brew. Went well with the dessert

Columbian Supremo: Jack drinks this at home. What did thier version taste like you might ask? It was great. The rich flavour, and fat bottom was all there. It would have been even better if it was fresh made, instead of stored in a thermos pump though.