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Oh So Good Desserts
125 Murrey St., Ottawa

    Just off the main strip, only moments from the National Gallery and our beloved Parliament buildings, you will find Oh So Delicious Desserts. A converted 2 story home, with front porch and a tall set of stairs. On the side of the building, a huge banner that no one could miss, tells you where you are.

    Inside, the main floor is painted black, with murals decorating the walls in a jazzy art deco theme. The chairs and tables are made of wood and relatively comfortable. In the back you can get your palms read when the psychic is in, though she was not in at the time. The interior has a somewhat home made look, but it adds a lot to the atmosphere. When crowded, there is a ‘wait to be seated' sign, but being the only ones there, we found our own table.

    A good portion of the floor space is given to the preparation area, which is located behind a hige dessert case. In the case you will find around 30 different creations to tantalize your taste buds and written right on the case glass are the names for each dessert. We looked through the selection before taking our seats.

    At the table we where given a menu, which listed all the desserts. We looked through it for interesting desserts we might have missed. We ended up ordering what we had already selected from our perusal of the dessert case and some coffee. The coffee though, only came in one variety and was rather plain.

    All in all, an interesting restaurant-like twist on the café. They want you to feel like your in a trendy gourmet restaurant ordering a fabulously expensive meal, and for the most part they do succeed. It was comfortable, clean and had a unique ambiance. What else can one ask for in your dessert cafe's. I mean, if you're going for dessert, why not go to a place that treats dessert like the main course.


Life Is A Slice

White Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Three layers of a somewhat crumbly chocolate cake, and two layers of creamy deliciousness. The white mocha layer was lite and creamy, with a delicate flavour. The chocolate mousse layer though, was a little gelatinous. Its flavour was ok, but its texture seemed out of place compared to the creamy texture of the white mocha.

    Overall it was pretty edible, but I have a feeling the chocolate mousse layer was not supposed to taste like that. I think someone built it wrong. If they could fix that, it would be a great piece of cake. Oh, and we didn't have to ask for the whip cream. Defiantly a move in the right direction for any dessert establishment.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Um, yah. It was mediocre coffee. Nothing special at all.

Again I ask, why doesn't a dessert shop like this offer a selection of coffee's?