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Gypsy Co-Op
813 Queen St. West

    Cavernous, comfy. Not terrifically cleanly. Pillows, billowing curtains hanging from rafters. Rows of dusty candy jars and canisters of loose teas. Wooden tables and chairs, sagging couches and scuffed coffee tables.

    The Gypsy Co op perhaps takes the ‘co op' bit of their name too seriously, with it's laid back, service impaired atmosphere. More of a happening or a hang out than a restaurant, the Gypsy Co op features charming wood covered menus and eclectic decor.

    It also features laid-back-to-the-point-of-coma wait staff. Our waiter was either extremely relaxed or had just shot up. Service is slow and very casual. Don't be surprised if the waiter sits down at your table, ready to hang out.

    The one high point is the very funkily painted bathrooms. Hold your nose, don't sit on the seat, and admire the posters and paintings that cover the washrooms grimy floor to ceiling.

Cake My Ass!

    This was without a doubt, the very worst dessert we have ever had the five dollar misfortune to order. We were charmed by the nostalgic revolving glass case that housed the desserts. Chocolate pecan pie seems like a yummy little number that would be difficult to fuck up. But that's exactly what happened.

     We were excited to receive our order, a large slab of pie in the centre of a dinner plate. "They heated it up," Jack crowed, digging in enthusiastically.

    The heat just served to make the slice mushy. The crust was dry and crumbly, the pecans were tasteless, the chocolate was soggy and without flavor. Jack gave up half way through, but I slogged on til the end of the slice.

    By then my thirst was unbearable, but my waiter was too busy smoking crack out back to refill my coffee. At one point, we looked up from our dessert to notice that the entire staff of the restaurant had disappeared.

    My refill came two bites too late. I gagged on the crumbs of crust lodged in my throat and gulped down the mediocre coffee ‘Buddy the Surfer Dude' waiter finally brought for us.

    The best bit of the whole sojourn was when Buddy brought our bill on a small plate weighted down with jellybeans, sour gums and sweet tarts. We squabbled over the candy distribution and left, sorely disappointed with our pie experience.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection: House Blend

Well I can't say that the coffee sucked, though that urge is there. Jack could taste grinds. This a good thing? Sure, at least it didn't come powdered form.

The Gypsy Co-Op is better known for its tea selection, which
we should have tried, but I doubt we'll be going back
anytime soon.