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The Last Drop
549 Sammon, East York

    Located kitty corner to East York General Hospital (where Jill was born, hallejulah!), the Last Drop is a tiny, cozy little joint that services a steady traffic of people hanging around the hospital visiting sick people, and a quiet flow of neighborhood regulars.

    The Last Drop has a small patio out front, and inside, a collection of comfy mismatched armchairs. They boast a collection of reading material in the form of actual books, and of course magazines and newspapers.

    There is also a wee lunch menu, and a multitude of ice cream flavours available for purchase if one is so inclined.. Over all we found this to be a very charming teeny café. Recommended if for no other reason then the comfy armchairs, and the strange stares the other coffee patrons give you when you mention coffee enemas.

Jill's Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Covered Pecan Tart

    Sweet and sticky. Just the way Jill likes ‘em. Pastries, too.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Costa Rican: Somewhat dirty tasting, but pretty fresh too. Drinkable to the end which puts it right up there.

Royal Supremo(House Blend): All blendy. Very Colombian flavoured with a bit of round bottom added.