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Gourmet Market & Coffee House
491 Parliment St.

    Carlan's is a market place as well as a coffee shop. The interior is bright, tiled floors, slightly messy, but quite comfortable. You'll find loads of yummy ACE Bakery breads on the wall, as well as an assortment of cakey-goodness in the display case.

    Scattered wooden tables and high stools in the window, offer a homey, friendly and politically correct atmosphere, without being to heavy handed. At the counter you will find plenty of coffee's to choose from, including organically grown, and Carlan house blends.

    The other half is a gourmet market of fresh organic goods, which we lingered over, were impressed by, though ultimately too skint to purchase any of the fabbo looking made on site salad dressings and sauces.

    Quite a different experience then the usual far, as far as coffee shops go. We really dug its sunshiny atmosphere, and the coffee was quite good.

Cake Is Good

    Blueberry lemon cheesecake with nary a slice taken from its delectable wholeness. It could have been baked five minutes ago, it was so fresh.

    Quivering and sliding its sweet way down our throats, we were heartily impressed by its flavor, yummy without being cloying. Deceptively light though, because neither of us could finish this medium sized slice without feeling like our bellies would burst.

    Whether that was because it is, after all cheesecake and very filling, or whether it was because we were already full from shlupping back cappuccinos earlier in the afternoon, we could not tell.

    We left Carlan's with a delish taste in our mouths, but bricks
in our guts. Tasty, but very very filling.

Coffee Selection

Carlan's Blend: A fabulously balanced coffee. Not to earthy, not to sharp, perfect acidity. I could seriously drinks lots of this one. I could seriously damage my heart too!

Organic Blend: These be organically grown beans. Here again, you get a a pretty tasty coffee. You also get lots of 'water-through-ground-beans' flavour. Now I'm not sure if this is a good thing. Bottom line though, it's still plenty good and drinkable, and it's unusually flavour is far from offensive.