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Best Coffee
2377 Queen St. East

    Located at the very end of the Beaches, Best Coffee might not be the best café, but it's pretty darn fine. Sparsely furnished, with high ceilings and a decorative fireplace, dark ceramic flooring Best Coffee is tidy and inviting.

    Best Coffee boasts a small patio, and is a welcome respite if you happened to have braved the horrors of the remarkably filthy Remarkable Bean café which is directly across the street.

    We were intrigued by the variety of coffee offered, including a small selection of organic blends. The dessert selection was small, diverse, and looked both yummy and fresh.

    As a bonus, on that very hot day that we visited this café, it was chilly good inside. An industrial size air conditioner perched atop the front entrance made Best Coffee a very comfortable environment. That and the tasty coffee left us feeling very refreshed, and ready to face the oppressive heat of the Toronto streets.

Jill's Sweet Tooth

Key Lime Tart

    For a $1.50, this looked like a sweet deal, but in the end, was nearly inedible. The crust was some sort of ginger snappish flavor, which contradicted the sugary delicacy of the lime.

Strawberry Cheesecake

    This was a tiny little morsel of fabulousness. The most perfectly delicate cheesecake we have encountered for a long time, with a subtle blend of strawberry goodness and cheesy sweetness. Yummania.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Organic Rainforest:Jill found it a bit bland, but yummy. Jack liked it, but wondered if the word 'organic' made coffee taste better.