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Jet Fuel
519 Parliment St.

    Now what do we have here do you ask? A space age coffee experience? Perhaps the headquarters for a secret 50's research group that wants to be the first to the moon? Maybe it's just a sign with a rocket ship on it, but rockets dont use jet fuel, do they?

    Jack likes his café's with all the amenities of home. Jack like's it when he can get a delicious desert to go with his joe. Jack likes to pick and choose. When Jack asked for a coffee, he was told about the caps, espresso's, and american's, but Jack just wanted a simple cup of black, with some sugar and cream.

    To much to ask for that kind of treatment here. What you get is four or five specialty coffee's made fast and fresh on an industrial sized coffee machine. Jill and I both had the cappucinno. No desserts to be seen though, except that most of the coffee's come with a biscotti for no extra charge.

    Now Jack ain't no idiot, contrary to what you've heard. I could not pass up a free biscotti. Even though it is FAR from my favorite thing to have with my coffee. Usually, I find these hard cookies quite icky tasting, seems that they taste much better when they are FREE!

     The interior of Jet Fuel screams 'hole in the wall', but the seating is very comfortable curved wood. The walls, plain exposed brick, are covered with original artworks. These fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the place.

    Behind the counter you'll find miles of stainless steel. Above that on a shelf or two are a fabulous Macintosh stereo system and a huge collection of CD's. Jack was mighty impressed by both the gear and the music collection.

    So, what to think? Jet Fuel leans towards artiness, and in that they succed completely. Jack would have liked a dessert selection and a cup of regular coffee, but that's not what you get here. What you get is a real downtown atmosphere, and a neighborhood kind of feel.

Jill Takes A Swing

    Two cappuccinos and two biscottis for four bucks. Can you beat that deal? Slouching in surprisingly comfortable wooden chairs, dunking yummy and free, did I mention free, biscottis in our pint glasses of cappuccinos.

    Perfectly frothed milk, dark and dirty espresso bottoms, the cappuccinos were delicious, though gritty with biscotti crumbs.

    Jet Fuel lacks any sort of dessert menu, but serves up quite enough attitude. And the almond flavored biscottis were a sweet little accompaniment to the caps.

    Like Jack says, nothing tastes sweeter than freedom. And having paid nary a penny for our crunchy little desserts, they tasted pretty damn sweet.