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Remarkable Bean
2242 Queen St. East

    The Remarkable Bean is remarkably dirty. Dank, dirty and disgusting. The rustic exterior, with its handmade sign, unfortunately does nothing to betray the rank atmosphere inside. This café looks as though it was flooded up to the rafters years ago and nothing was done to dry it out.

    The furnishings seem rather moldy, there is a visible layer of dirt and dust over all the tables, and the ceilings are grimy and cobwebbed. Sure, it's romantically downtrodden, but it's hard to enjoy the bohemian ambience when flies keep landing on your cake. Located in the Beaches, which is a neighborhood fanatical in it's sense of community, the Remarkable Bean manages to stay open due only to the loyalty of the Beaches denizens.

    There is a couch, located on a small platform at the back of the café, but it's pretty unpleasant to sit on. There is a picnick table straight from the park. There are overpainted wooden chairs, and old checker board tables for plaing chess. There is coffee and there are desserts, but do you want to take the chance of insects breeding in your brownie? I think not.

    The Remarkably Bean would be a great place to go early in the morning when you're hung over or coming down from a substance, because it would frighten your twisted head so badly you'd quite possibly quit the habits you've formed and take up a healthy seven espresso a day habit instead.

Jill's Sweet Tooth


    The dessert selection was slim pickin's but we managed to snag this treat. The brownie was so overly sweet that it could have been fudge, but sadly for us, it was not.

    To make matters worse, it was truly difficult to eat, because hovering flies kept landing on it. The brownie was quickly abandoned, which was the wisest move that Jack and Jill had made that day.

Was The Coffee Any Good Jack?

Coffee Selection:

Medium Blend: Maybe it was the atmostmosphere, maybe it was the dirty, but this coffee was below average. It had a sour flavour and obviously had been sitting around to long. Neither Jack nor Jill finished this brew.