I just had the most delicious cabbage rolls ever. One might think that cabbage rolls suck, or perhaps equate them with things like haggis. In some ways, I would agree, but that sour cabbage and bacony groundbeef interior just speaks to me. You gots a lovely blend of sour, sweet, salt and smoke. Few things can reach that kind of numminess.

Yah, I was really hungry about an hour ago, and maybe thats why it taste so good. I will know for sure tomorrow, coz there is plenty left and someone has to eat it. Lately it has been all me with the big pots of food. How come I get the job of cleaning every last bite of food? My middle is getting hard to cloth.

On top of that, I'm so damn flabby. One of these days I should do some stretches or maybe some bending or maybe some running? Hmm, I will try walking first i guess.

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