Today was the annual Moc jam. For those of u not in the know, Moc is a band. We gots a drumer, singer, bass player, and guitarist. We also add keyboards and other sounds once in a while. The players change from time to time, and they might play different instruments from song to song. In the end, it always ends up sounding like Moc. What does Moc sound like?? Go the the Links page and visit Tummy Tone Records, where u can find a few sample songs.

I played some guitar and some bass today. It was cool enough, and I think it was starting to gel when I got on guitar. Moc doesn't write songs, it allows them to 'happen'. We have around 80 minutes of tape to go through tomorrow (or the next day) to see if anything happened correctly. We will probably mix it all down.

After that, it's onto CD's for all our friends, and a few get shipped to Cali for our 'vacation-over' Moc pals that currently reside state side. At least we will have something to listen to untill next December, when we do our next Moc Jam.

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