The snow started on thursday night, and it just kept going. Not really a lot of accumulation, but it left the roads just about undrivable. On thursday night and most of friday I could only get the car speed up to around 40KM before it seemed dangerous. Slippery roads, bad visibility and band drivers conspired to put a crimp in the How-Fast-Can-U-Go Game!

Man I am so friggin bored. The holidays added some life to my drab existence. I never thought I'd be looking back at Christmas so fondly, but fondly I look. Now I got a whole new year staring me down, and in my weak willed condition, I think the year has already won. Wack crap crap crap! Ugh.

Gotta focus on my wants I guess. Have some kind of goal, then agian, I heard that certain medications can give you a zest for life, and you can get em from your doctor. Hmm. K, I have yet to be that desperate, but it ain't a bad idea to stay informed.

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